Morning Task – Breaking negativity

This mornings task is built around processing the negative and finding the positives. So lets get out the notepad and get going.

1.Take the time to write down the negatives you’re facing.

When we right down the negatives, we acknowledge them as issues. that need to be addressed or dismissed in our lives.

2. Then take a moment to relook and address the negative.

We then need to assess why the issues are there and decide what we can do about or learn from them.

3. Write out the positives.

Find the positives and decide what should be done in the future.

4. Then write out a short motivation for yourself.

By writing a motivation we are drawing this to a conclusion, and deciding on a positive outlook in the process.

(Here’s my personal motivation )

You will find a way, you always do.Love like you can, do what you can. You know you have to change, so change. Find your best self, find and summon the strength you’ve always had, that’s built in you.It will work out, so embrace it all.Love it all, do what’s most important for those you love and yourself. Your best future doesn’t wait, it’s moving forward and so are you.Every step towards it brings you closer to it. Move refuel, move refuel, repeat. You will love and live your dreams.

5. Do it again the next day

You will find that some of the negativities from the previous day have dissipated and the new negativities will be less and seem manageable.

Long term change takes time and work so a conscious effort, will help progress and increase your general positivity.

Do this every few days to keep and reflect you will feel the change.