Damien’s Cancer diagnosis

To be honest, It’s a challenge to hear or break news like this, it’s news no one wants to hear. “What Cancer, again”. It was just supposed to be a routine checkup. I couldn’t identify any symptoms, so the doctor finding a tumour in my lung really threw me. I initially chose to keep it quite until I had a treatment plan in place, for reasons I will explain in future. However, It’s now been months of testing, and the diagnoses is confirmed, it’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A form of blood cancer that starts in the lymphatic system. Which originates in the white cells which protect your body from infection. It’s not the first time I’ve had it, as I was treated for it in 2008, was put in remission in 2010 and then cleared of it in 2013. But it’s back, we’ve found it early, it’s curable and I’ve already started treatment. You can see by the videos, I have had my first treatment of chemotherapy and I am currently preparing for my next one today. Over the next few months we’re looking at a few cycles of chemotherapy, a probable bone marrow transplant and then further chemotherapy.The YouTube channel and this blog is here, for 2 reasons

1st to keep everyone informed of my progress.


2nd to share some perspectives along the way, to hopefully help others who are or have a loved one who is going through something like this.

Thank you again for all the support and prayers.