Staying Relevant

Over the last few months, I have been in a process of equipping and training leaders, so they may return to their Community, create change and Equip others to do the same.

In order to be effective it is essential to use only training material that is relevant and practical, but this comes with a challenge. You actually need to have it available or you need to develop it.

If you are not relevant you are Not effective.


There is a lot of training Material out there, but as you may or may not have realised that most training material is written by very qualified studious and older westerners with a very qualified studious and older western mindset. However the gents we spend most of our time training, being African they have a different mindset and work in an environment of traditional Africanisms, whilst being confronted with a younger more informed generation living in a constantly evolving and technologically advancing world. 

So to help them become more effective, we took them through the process of developing their own relevant training material. Scientifically it is proven that by teaching others, you retain 90% of the information, rather than the 5% of traditional lectures. Well the reason for this is that we need to understand it first in order to teach it and in order to understand it, it has to become relevant to us in our circumstances.

You don’t need to develop your own material to stay relevant, but the same principles apply to your everyday life.

So here are few of the principles you can apply to help you in your aproach.

Remember things Change, the purpose hasn’t.

eurp-1105-04+bmw-328-hommage+old-vs-newTake a Look around change is important you are part of it. There is a purpose for everything stay true to the purpose. These BMW 328 Homage sports cars are both beautiful vehicles built for pure enjoyment and take you from one place to another, both are still methods of transportation. It does not matter what you use Just Stay to true to the purpose and use what is appropriate. 

The screen you are reading was not invented when this 1st BMW Homage was designed, yet screens like yours were used in the design Process.

change is evident embrace it “


Develop a constant state of learning

Who do parents turn to when they have technology issues, their children.

How do kids know this, they are used to learning and are in a constant state of figuring out shtuff.

Constantly ask yourself, what, why, where, who, when, and How.

To often people just accept things as they are, but learning needs to be intentional, so the Why helps us figure out what’s important, and the how helps us to figure out new ways to apply it.

Seek understanding and Know who you are talking to 

whether you are face to face or face to Facebook.

Asking the right questions will help you understand people when communicating and dealing with any misinterpretations  (as well as help you Identify the creepy people).

“Asking the rite questions always leads to the rite answer, you may not like the answer but it’s still the 

rite answer.”


Asking questions that help you find the Truth is important to understanding, and understanding forms the foundation of our communication.

Sending the rite message Is your responsibility.

Every person has their own way of interpreting and processing information, what you communicate needs to take into account the way they process it. 

“whether you use words or pictures is irrelevant, It’s not what you say but what they understand that counts.”

It’s not the fault of those your communicating with if they don’t understand you, its your responsibility to communicate in a way that they do.

training I believe these principles form the foundation of being relevant, and the process of applying these in your approach will determine your effectiveness.

Now you know this, How Does this effect Your approach?

Ask your self, where can I apply this in my life?