Finding your purpose.

I do not propose to have the answers to finding your purpose, I can only tell you how I am finding mine. After struggling for years to figure out life, after overcoming many challenges, reading endless books and questioning many leaders and pastors, I have begun the process of finding my purpose and with that my peace.

I have come to a conclusion, nobody can tell you of your purpose, you need to find it for yourself.

Your purpose cannot be defined by what you do or are going to do, but only by acting out who you are or are going to be.”

In order to act this out, we must first figure out who we are,

By learning to understand our:


To understand your heart you must Understand your passion, the prolonged intense feelings of emotion that continuously get stirred in you.

Ask yourself

  • What is my reaction to the world around me?

  • What stirs up strong emotions of, love, anger, Compassion, justice etc.?

  • Where does my heart lie?

  • What makes me want to act or change?

By understanding what stirs your emotions you begin to find your passion, and the passion becomes the fuel that drives you.


To understand your ability you need to figure out what skills we do or do not have, you need to be realistic in assessing your knowledge and physical abilities.

Ask yourself

  • What are my natural talents (mentally and physically)?

  • What skills do I already have, education and life experience?

Remember that our ability is not solely determined by natural talent, education and life experience, but is developed on a foundation of perseverance.

It is through perseverance that we can develop the skills we need to enhance our ability.

Knowing who we are, we are able to harness the passion that drives us, and through understanding the foundation of our talents, we can begin to make the informed decisions needed to determine the course of our own future.

In turn, taking responsibility for our own lives, developing ourselves and the skills we need, to act out what we were created for.

Simply put, the continuing process of acting out the passion of your heart to the best of your ability, will lead you to your purpose.